Winter Activities in the Almaguin Highlands – by Kaila Gallacher

Many of the wonderful guests that have stayed at Warbler’s Roost, in the Almaguin Highlands, during the winter months ask what there is to do here. As most of our guests are used to staying inside during winter, especially if they live in a city, they are elated to discover just how much there is to do out here when the snow falls heavy. Below are some favourite winter activities here in the Almaguin Highlands.

Winter Fun – Snowshoeing

Those who wish to get outside and into the snow can give snowshoeing a try. Snow-shoeing gives you a wonderful purely Northern experience where you get to explore the cold majesty of a Northern winter. There’s nothing quite like seeing scores of trees laid out before you, heavily laden with snow, or the smell of pine and cedar in the air, you can marvel at the soft silence of the world that is completely covered in the purest white crystals. Providing you dress for the elements, the experience promises to be beautiful and serene. It will leave you feeling inspired and delightfully exhausted. There are snowshoes available to guests at Warbler’s Roost for use on the property or bring your own and explore the many trails in the area.

Cross-country skiing and ice-skating are also popular sports in the area. Many of the locals ski across Deer Lake in January and February, which are the best months for cross-country skiing across the lake. The same two months are great for ice-skating on Deer Lake, where you can often find small rinks here and there on the lake. There is no better way to get back to nature then to get all bundled up and explore the beautiful snow-covered world.

One of the most popular activities in the Almaguin Highlands, is snowmobiling. Discover the many trails that are maintained by the OFSC. For those who don’t own a snowmobile but would just like to rent one, the Eagle Lake Narrows store offers snowmobile rental packages and guides if you so desire and they are only a short distance from Warbler’s Roost.

And last but not least, a winter sport that has made the Almaguin Highlands a go-to destination is dog-sledding. It is an experience in and of itself. Chocpaw Expeditions in South River and Sugardogs Adventure Company in Sundridge are the two best local places to experience dogsledding. From the time the first snow falls, till March (providing there is still enough snow), visitors to the area can book their own adventures with either company. Sugardogs Adventure Company has offered dogsledding and skijoring tours since 2005. You can check out their website here .

Chocpaw Expeditions is located in South River and has been proudly providing recreational and educational adventures for over forty years. With their unique philosophy that recognizes the great history of this area and our country, they show all guests a great time. To read more about Chocpaw, go to their website here.

Snow laden trees in January 2017

There are many options as to what one can do in the Almaguin Highlands in winter. Most people come up here and have their eyes opened to all the fun they could have in winter – fun that is sometimes forgotten or overlooked in larger cities where snow and winter are seen as an inconvenience. Really though, experiencing some of the winter activities at Warbler’s Roost and the Almaguin Highlands as a whole is guaranteed to change the way you see and experience winter.

—Kaila Gallacher

Kaila Gallacher is a freelance writer and editor living in beautiful Ontario, Canada. She’s been published in several magazines and also runs her own blog ( She also works and writes for the ILC Charitable Foundation which aims to help children and families who deal with life-altering chronic pain diseases.  Kaila is an active member of the Barrie Writers Club. Time not spent writing is spent reading or outside enjoying her natural surroundings.