The soundscapes here are enjoyable any time of year. Spring explodes with the sounds of frogs, birds, (especially a drumming roughed grouse), and of course the break up of ice on the lake; the summer has its own character too with crickets, thunder storms, the sounds of the lake, and wind rustling the leaves on the trees; the fall brings colder, louder winds, dry leaves, and the occasional moose calling out in the forest; and finally winter brings us a quieter soundscape where the ravens and jays have center stage.

Here are a few sounds we have collected so far.

Moose during mating season

Water near the Dock
Ice forming on Deer Lake
Frogs in the spring

Crickets, including ultrasonic components (see notes on soundcloud page)

Crickets, including ultrasonic elements
Ruffed grouse (flapping of wings creates a low frequency drumming – listen on headphones or full range speakers)

In September 2015 James Bailey participated in one of our soundscape retreats and during that time he made an 8-channel soundscape piece created from recordings of the soundscape at Warbler’s Roost. You can listen to the stereo version of the piece on his soundcloud page:

James Bailey – Around the Roost

Darren Copeland has made been making recordings for his project The Absent Listener. You can generate a soundscape on his website or listen to some compositions on his Soundcloud page.

One of the things we like to do most at Warbler’s Roost is to go on a SOUNDwalk as often as time will allow.

What is a SOUNDwalk? In a SOUNDwalk, the walking listener and the environment create a unique piece together that can only occur during the time of the walk. It allows us to take the time to hear the environment. And like any musician, the environment offers us its sounds for our consideration.

We hope you can visit us soon to listen to the sounds shared on this page in their natural context.