Warbler’s Roost is a 14-acre property with waterfront on Deer Lake that includes an Inn, a cottage that is home to the proprietors, and other buildings under renovation that will be available to rent in the near future. Wildlife abounds in the natural environs year round. Kayaks are available to rent in the summer and a 26′ foot dock at the Waterfront allows for sun bathing, enjoying the quiet of the lake and swimming.

Winter Fun - Snowshoeing

Winter Fun – Snowshoeing

Our Home at Warbler's Roost

Our Home at Warbler’s Roost

Deer Lake in September

Deer Lake in September

Waterfront at Warbler's Roost

Waterfront at Warbler’s Roost

Deer at Warbler's Roost

Deer at Warbler’s Roost

Ruffed Grouse at Warbler's Roost

Ruffed Grouse at Warbler’s Roost

Fall pictures at Warbler's Roost

Fall pictures at Warbler’s Roost

Country Inn at Warbler's Roost

Country Inn at Warbler’s Roost January 2015

Warbler's Roost Country Inn Spring 2015

Warbler’s Roost Country Inn Spring 2015