Warbler’s Roost provides a one-of-a-kind experience — by Kaila Gallacher

Nestled in the Near North in Ontario, spanning a gorgeous 14-acre property on Eagle Lake Rd, Warbler’s Roost is located on beautiful Deer Lake, 22km west of South River, ON. It is the ultimate escape for writers, artists, and musicians of all kinds.

A view of the forest in the Almaguin Highlands

It is not only located in some of the most gorgeous, breathtaking forest, but it is run by some of the kindest people who, being artists themselves, have a passion for the creative process. Within the expansive cottage at Warbler’s Roost they manage to create the perfect atmosphere for artists of all kinds. It is a place that, once there, you are never going to want to leave.

Anyone who gets the opportunity to stay there is incredibly fortunate, as I was back in the fall of 2016. It is a place where you can write all morning and then spend the afternoon hiking. It is a place where you can focus and get some serious work done. My personal experience at Warbler’s Roost was nothing short of life-affirming—working on my first book, I sped through three chapters in the span of a week. Warbler’s Roost is a place I will continue to go back to throughout the years whenever I need time to get away to focus on my writing. It provides a distraction-free zone with a calm atmosphere and an over-abundance of inspiration.

The people I met there were some of the kindest and most wonderful people I have ever met. And the experience I had there was closer to magic than anything else. After a cup of strong coffee and a delicious buffet-style breakfast (with the best muffins I’ve ever tasted) made by the co-owner Nadene, all the residents would split off and get to work—for most of us that week, we were working on different writing projects. We would write for the entire morning, stopping occasionally to make some tea or slip outside for a breath of fresh air, and then after a quick lunch we would take time off in the afternoon to explore the area. We would go for hikes, trying out the different trails and enjoying the breath-taking beauty of the surrounding area.

Even some of the white pines are one-of-a-kind!

Warbler’s Roost provides a one-of-a-kind experience that transcends the mundane of regular, day-to-day life, and provides an artist with an incredibly stimulating environment full of majesty and beauty. For those who are looking to spend some serious time on their creative ventures or are looking to get away and get in touch with their creative spirit, a week-long Artist Residency at Warbler’s Roost is just what you need.

It allows for a freedom of thought and spirit that you won’t find anywhere else. From the beautiful, open house and quaint rooms that you stay in, there’s nothing about this amazing retreat that doesn’t change you and your creativity for the better.

Visit this link for more information about residencies at Warbler’s Roost.

—Kaila Gallacher

Kaila Gallacher is a freelance writer and editor living in beautiful Ontario, Canada. She’s been published in several magazines and also runs her own blog (thislifethisloveblog.wordpress.com). She also works and writes for the ILC Charitable Foundation which aims to help children and families who deal with life-altering chronic pain diseases.  Kaila is an active member of the Barrie Writers Club. Time not spent writing is spent reading or outside enjoying her natural surroundings.